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At Digital Connextions, our priority is to help you digitally engage your customers and measure progress. Incorporating skills, health and social stability, our platform and app identifies your customers' strengths and weakness and provides them with information to make better-informed decisions about their employment opportunities, career and future. 

About us

Our configurable cloud-based engagement software can be customised, branded and remotely deployed to your customers, regardless of their geographical location. Our software delivers outstanding results for providers of Work and Health, Work Able and European Social Fund Programmes. 

We provide your customers with access to your services, training resources and peer support at their own convenience. Your ability to evidence your customer's progress, outcomes and distance travelled is our number one priority. 
Understanding your customers' skills, training needs and aspirations. 
Matching your customers to relevant educational resources and services. 
Providing your customers with insights to meet their health and emotional needs. 
Finding the most effective interventions for people with convictions.

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  • "Highly effective in evidencing skills development."

    Jane, Jobs and Business Glasgow

  • "Giving digital intelligence to the third and public sector for social good."

    Douglas Stevenson, Managing Director, Street League

  • “Digital Connextion’s disruptive new technology helps solve the 20 year skills gap in the cyber security industry."

    Dr Martin Beaton, Cyber Security Integrator for Scotland

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